Senior Brinton Wilkey Featured Titan

llinois Wesleyan senior linebacker Brinton Wilkey Jr. (Springfield, Ill., Springfield HS) has earned three letters and was a second team all-College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin honoree in 2016. Majoring in political science at Illinois Wesleyan, he is the son of Brinton and Susan Wilkey and his father was a three-year football letterman at Illinois Wesleyan (1978-79-80). Why you chose to attend Illinois Wesleyan: Isn’t it obvious? The chicks. IWU class you’re most qualified to teach: Coach Eash’s coaching class. I can rattle off his quotes for at least an hour. The hardest challenge about being a Division III student-athlete is: Going to class. The teachers simply don’t understand that I didn’t come here to play school. Worst grade in a class you ever got – what and when? C- German I’m deathly afraid of ... : Sam Rose, every single second of Saturdays Worst habit: Drinking Mountain Dew Most expensive traffic ticket: Don’t have any Language I’d like to learn: Dothraki The longest I could survive without my cell phone: Forever One word your mother or father would use to describe you: Beast Favorite sports figure: Chazz Michael Michaels My greatest moment in sports was: Wall ball champion, Gym class, Thursday, May 22nd 2011 The best player I ever faced was: Laquon Tredwell Worst dresser on my team: Cris Collins Person I’m dying to have dinner with: Jack Warner Favorite food: Pasta Vegetable I won’t eat: There is a huge debate on our team over what specifically a vegetable is so I can not say anything with certainty. Pepsi or Coke? Big Coke guy Favorite TV show: "Game of Thrones" Favorite musical group: Cats Favorite movie: "The Night Before" If a movie were made of my life, I would like the following person to play me: Peter Dinklage If my life were on TV as a reality show, I’d call it: "Adventures with Puma" The person in history I would most like to meet is: Coach Eash when he was living in Sig My dream job would be: U.S. Senator Place I’d most like to live: I will be living in "Third Base" for the rest of my life If you come back in another life, what would you like to return as: A penguin, but not the kind that lives in the artic. A nice, happy, beach penguin. Two things that are tops on my “bucket list”: Swim with great whites, skydiving My possession that would fetch the most on eBay: My sick chain that I bought on a Tokyo street corner at 3 a.m. Who is the luckiest person in the world? Kevin Connelly, that he survives every weekend What I miss most about being in the third grade: Mrs. Brown, absolute smokeshow of a teacher

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